Kat's Closet: Four Ways to Rock Denim!

I love everything denim because it's always in style. Since we always end up having denim accessories and staples in our closets that can go for months without being worn, why not put them to use? Denim adds a funky edgy touch to your wardrobe. You can mix it up with other fabrics or wear all denim and you'll still look hot.

I chose the following four looks to give you a few ideas of how to denim it up with pieces you already own!

Rock star denim
The black leather shorts and dark blue jean top look is very rock star! With a handful of chunky rings stacked across, it's a winner. Unlike in the picture where the model rocked black stockings and booties to give it a fall accent, skip the stockings. Depending on the weather, wear with booties, stilettos or knee-high boots. Wear this to a party, meeting or just to be fab!

Chic city girl denim
Kate Bosworth rocked beach jean shorts with a tanned suede top. It's very chic. Dress it up wit beige, black or even red stilettos! You can go shopping, to a lunch or to the movies with this look.

Sex-it-up denim
Last week for a performance at club Kiss N Fly in New York City, I spiced up the beach denim shorts look and made it sexier for the  stage. I wore fishnet stockings under my shorts, knee-high black boots, and a white tank top. I added a black leather motorcycle jacket but I took it off to party! Rock this look to a party, festival or club—like I did.

Tomboy denim
I love how Liv Tyler did the tomboy denim look here by combining two different shades of dark blue denim. She rocked semi-tight dark blue jeans with a white tank top and added suspenders to make the look more boyish. I love the way she made her look even more tomboyish by wearing a long loose blue denim sleeveless jacket. She rocked light beige stilettos as well. You can try this get-up for any casual daytime event.