Kat's Closet: Fall In Love With The Banane Taipei Tote Bag!

There’s a new Birkin bag in town, but this one is a lot lighter and affordable! One of the most wanted handbags out there is the Birkin bag by Hermes. It's classic and made with the finest leather and material in the market. The bag can basically cost you what your first car would, but for fashion lovers it’s well worth it. However, getting a similar look doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg!

While walking down the streets of NYC, LA, and Paris, I noticed a lot of girls rocking these chic totes by Banane Taipei. This isn't just a regular print! It has the actual front buckle and hanging lock just as the original does! They also cover the tote handles in the same color as the purse. From afar, it looked like the actual bag and then I realized it was a wallet-friendly work of art.

I appreciate a little funky replica of a good thing. So ladies check it out! I would totally rock this Birkin-inspired tote to the beach, shopping or any place cool and casual. Ladies, keep it simple but with style!

Want the look? Get it here: ($129.00, by Banane Taipei)