Kat's Closet: Blonde Ambition

The other night I was rushing to put an outfit together and couldn’t decide what to do with my hair. Finally, I ended up pulling it back in a sleek bun and finished my look with some red lipstick. I got tons of compliments on how great my hair color was and how it took my sassy style to another level and then it hit me! Style isn't only about your wardrobe, it's based on your total look, from head to toe. It’s just as much about your shoes and accessories as it is your personality and hair color. A trend is simply that, a trend, and while I must admit I die for the latest collections, your swagger and how you express yourself is what sets you apart from everyone else.

I think my hair, right now in particular, really speaks to my personality and while I hardly ever talk about my hair color in my blog I think it’s important because it plays a part in my style. I’ve always dyed my hair, but could never find exactly the right wild, yet cool color until now.

I have a stand out blonde hair color that I’m loving right now. I feel it represents my attitude. I can style my hair in any way and my blonde color gives it character, even on bad hair days! I know the same color I have may not work for all of us, but try to match your complexion with a loud blonde that is still a bit natural. I'm not encouraging you to try something that might not work for you, but I am encouraging you to take a risk and  stand out with your hair color—it's a fun way to update your look, especially for the summertime!