Kat’s Closet: Sports...Meet Fashion

With the anticipation of the olympics this year, fashion's gotten the sports bug! Runway to ready-to-wear collections are adding an athletic style to stylish designs, so for all you gym addicts now you can look super cute while you pump some iron on that elyptical. And, if you’re not into working out you now have the excuse to dress comfy but still be on trend. 

There is a wide variety of how you can rock this sporty fashion! For a sexy night time party look, you can wear shorts or black leggings with a black long sleeve mesh top paired with a bright neoprene sport bra, booties, a slicked back pony-tail, and some great big gold hoops. If you feel you want to cover up a bit more, just throw on a blazer for a more sophisticated look. For a casual day on the weekend, look for some trendy high-wedged sneakers and pair with bright colored skinnies, and a modern hooded sweatshirt. When following this trend, just remember to mix fashion designs with sporty fabrics like cotton, mesh, neoprene, etc. - basically all that is comfy.