Kat’s Closet: My Red Carpet Checklist For The Everyday Girl

With the Oscars on their way, it got me thinking of all things to consider when attending a red carpet event. I know most people look at celebs with their perfect hair, nails, dress, and accessories and think some of us wake up that way, but that is never the case. There’s a lot that goes into wearing the perfect dress to score that “best dressed” title, so I’m sharing my checklist for choosing an outfit that never lets me down! Check it out below and apply it to your everyday look:

TYPE OF EVENT: First thing is to always be aware of the type of event it will be. Is it a glamorous or laid-back? I believe in having my own style, but always try to match the essence of the event. You wouldn't want to walk the Oscars red carpet wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket. The same applies for everyday life events.

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DRESS FOR YOUR BODY: With time I have learned to dress for my body type. I admit I have had a few weird experiences in the past with certain styles that didn't make me look my best, but I feel all women go through the harsh realization that not all trends and cuts are one size fits all, so know what looks best on you.

COLOR: Finding a color that best accentuates your skin complexion is essential. That goes for color of dress as well as make-up. For my skin complexion, gold hues never fail me.

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MOVEMENT: Consider how much you will be moving around. Is it a sit down dinner or dance party? Your outfit will change based on that because you can’t wear a tight mermaid dress if everyone is up all night dancing!

STRIKE A POSE: Once you have all of your pieces picked out, hair-do, dress, and accessories; it’s smart to practice your poses for pictures ahead of time to look the absolute best you can. Learn what faces compliment you best and what poses flatter your body and your dress the most. Trust me, when people look back on those pictures you’ll be the one that stands out of the crowd.

BE CONFIDENT: Remember, you are modeling to represent yourself!