Kat’s Closet: It's Flowers Galore!

All my bold, risky fashionistas: it's time to bust out your flower garments. Not the ones with small flowers, I'm referring to the really big roses, gardenias, jasmines, etc.

You can do a colorful flower-print vest with a fun white tee underneath and skinny black jeans with a black or colorful stiletto. I’d pick a color to match the print on the vest.

Don't wear flowers on your hair if you're already wearing them on your garments. That was a fun trend that we should put to rest for a bit. In fact, the only flower accessories I would wear now are purses, shoes, Blackberry covers, necklaces, rings, and chains. Keep them off your head unless you're on the beach, a little girl, or a flamenco dancer.

For an edgy/punk look, find a pair of flower-printed flat army boots. Wear them with a fun, solid-color fitted skirt with black fishnet stockings and a nice American Apparel white tank. Try an Urban Outfitters flower-print scarf or a knee- length, loose and knitted, neutral-color sweater with studded cuffs and real loud eyeliner—you'll be a superstar! Add shades only when the paparazzi are following you, LOL.

And for my ladies that like to keep it classy, I would definitely wear a long, beautiful flower-print gown to a wedding, formal event or party. For shorter women, pick a dress about four inches above the knee.

I have this vintage aqua-colored flower-print YSL shirt with padded shoulders and a bow tie in the collar. I'm definitely bringing it out of the back of my closet and rocking it.

So there you have it. Make a flower parade with your fashion and don't shy away from wearing those really big, bold prints!

With flowers and amor,