Kat’s Closet: Do You Prefer Kat Bold & Bright or Sweet & Subtle?

Do you consider yourself a fashionista? Do you buy all the new trends and then when  you look in your closet you have no idea what colors or patterns fit your "style"?  Well, I do the same thing sometimes! As I get ready for a performance or event my question is always the same, “Do I look better in bright or dark colors?”

I'm usually told that bright colors are my thing because of my loud personality, but what people don't know is that I am more complex. At times I am ''Kathleen',' the regular girl who can be reserved and even dull sometimes; this is when I write songs, work on my craft and lean more towards dark, subdued colors. Other times I am, as you all know me, 'Kat Deluna',' a performer with an in-your-face attitude who loves loud clothes. Because of this, sometimes I battle with myself deciding who I want to be at that very moment. I believe that this double “personality” is something that we all share—it can be as simple as feeling more flirty one day than another. I hope you chicas can relate. 

So I ask you girls, the readers, to share your opinion. Check out these pics and tell me: Do you think I look better in bright or dark colors?

You be the judge and help me solve my color dilemma. Gracias chicas!