Kat DeLuna Shares Her Top 5 Style Tips

The dominicana singer recently told us what her secrets are when it comes to taking style from flat to fierce!

1. “If you have a dress that is too long and you have no time to alter it, find a skinny, skinny belt in your closet. Adjust it over your waist, and fold the dress over it, making sure to hide the belt. See? Sometimes you throw a dress away because it doesn’t fit. No way—make it fit, girl!”

2. “Ok, nails. I don’t care how late you are, do them in the car. I never go with bare nails on the red carpet—even if it is a pale color, because in pictures done, clean nails look so amazing. A lot of people say, Oh, the dress or the shoes or the purse makes your outfit; but what if your nails are all crazy looking? It’s just not going to look great.”

3. “This is a crazy one. If you’re on the road and you have to do your makeup and you wake up with a big face, or puffy eyes, use Preparation H. It really does work!”

4. “Double sided tape is the secret to everything style-related! Sometimes when I have to take in clothes, I take them in with the double-sided tape. Squeeze the clothes in and use the tape as if it were a safety pin—you won’t be able see it!”

5. “Always invest in a good pair of tees or tanks that you can dress up and dress down. You can wear them with high wasted little shorts, with skirts, with jeans, and you can go all out accessorizing them. I have tees all over! You can get them at stores like Topshop or even American Apparel.”