Have You Seen Vogue's New Supermarket Fashion Story?

We were flipping through our hefty September issue of Vogue when we came across a fashion story shot by Steven Meisel and featuring models Amber Valetta and Kirsty Hume.

The idea—high fashion! In a supermarket! Food! Fancy Clothes! Beautiful People!—was strikingly similar to the supermarket fashion piece we ran in our March '08 issue (the one with Jessica Alba on the cover). We know there are no truly original ideas and the brilliant fashion goddesses and gods at Vogue could have thought of this on their own, but we'd like to think they were throwing us a nod and a wink. Right back at 'cha, Vogue!

Take a look at our story "Aisles of Style." Then check Vogue's "2-for-1 Special" and judge for yourselves!