Get The Look: A Sliver of Skin

What’s more alluring than skin? The illusion of skin.

A simple sliver of shoulder, torso or thigh demurely exposed through lace or chiffon can elevate your look in ways low necklines, simple cutouts, and high hemlines could never.

You don’t have to show it all – or hide it all, either. Be the woman in the middle who perfectly balances how to simultaneously reveal and conceal.

It’s an art we’re here to help you master.

1. GTL – A Sliver of Skin1

In your 20s, dare to draw attention. It’s the time to try out trends and seek out a signature style.

When rocking a mini and heels like Alessandra, rather than completely cover the arm, find balance in a sheer ¾-length sleeve

Far superior to a sky-high slit or a large cutout is a pretty panel of lace at the hem or waist.

Showing less is more!  More WOW to be precise.

2. GTL – A Sliver of Skin2

In your 30s, it’s time to graduate from push-up bras and gratuitous cleavage. As Zoe Saldana demonstrates, displaying décolletage has never looked so classy.

A lace overlay on an otherwise plunging neckline can evoke softness and sophistication.

That the lace continues up above the collarbone reveals modesty and at the same time is incredibly sexy.

Complete the look with a closed-toe platform stiletto that is equal parts naughty and nice.

3. GTL – A Sliver of Skin3

In your 40s, own the illusion head to toe.

The suggestion of skin under a wrapped and ruched bodice topped with a sheer bow is a gift to anyone with style.

As Eva LaRue proves, a nude underlay beneath lace or chiffon is perhaps the most captivating of all.

Pair the look with a shoe that shows skin or blends with the foot like the must-have tans and blushes of this season.

4. GTL – A Sliver of Skin4