Can I Wear Only 6 Items for 30 Days?

For a few years now, the web's been buzzing with all sorts of challenges to help people save time and money. One that keeps cropping up is the 6-Item Challenge, which was so popular for a while that it even got a write-up in the New York Times. The concept is simple: for 30 days, you can only wear a combination of six clothing items. Not included in the six items are shoes, accessories, outerwear, underwear, etc.

The 6-item challenge encourages you to get creative with the clothing and accessories you already own. Whether you want to stop dropping $300 on weekend shopping sprees or embrace a more minimalist lifestyle, this challenge sounds like it'd be just the thing to get you there. But how doable is it?

Well, I decided to try out this (potentially) crazy challenge and see for myself, along with Latina Magazine's Angela Koehn. We spent about two weeks pumping each other up and helping narrow down our huge wardrobes to six vital and versatile pieces.

We're not even a week in yet and the hardest part so far was choosing the six items. Some of the editors here at Latina took a stab at what they'd choose for their six, but it was much harder for me.

I love wearing dresses but knew I needed a mix of tops and bottoms to get more outfit combinations. Plus, I wanted items I absolutely love wearing so I wouldn't get sick of them right away. This got me to 10 items, but how in the heck could I wittle it down to six? In the end, versatility won out over items I loved. My favorite purple dress was stuffed in the back of the closet and a cute black and white dress that also worked as a top made the cut instead. 

Now you can follow Angela and I through the end of May, as we update our 6 Items, 30 Days Pinterest board. Take a look at our items and see our daily outfits. Will I get sick of scarves? Will I burn my gray striped top? Stay tuned to see what happens!