EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba's Tips on Staying Stylish While Pregnant

Jessica Alba stays fabulous, whether she’s pregnant or not. Here are some of her tips on how you can look and feel modern and stylish while getting ready to be a mami.

Show off your shape
“If you are sporting a pregnant belly, it's better to show it than to try and hide it. If you look in the mirror and you look really wide and frumpy, then you're going to appear really wide and frumpy. The more figure-forming your clothes, even though you have more curves, the better. Stay away from big, bulky sweaters. I like long, thin sweaters that kind of hide my hips and my booty, so there's not a huge emphasis on how big they’re getting.”

Have fun with cleavage
“It's good to show your neck and do more V-cut things tops when you have bigger breasts, rather than cover it them up completely, because then it just makes you look fuller up top.”

Treat your feet
“I know how to direct the eye to other places. If you can wear some kind of fun shoe or a little bit of a platform, or a sandal that has something going on versus your shoes just disappearing completely, that draws attention to your feet so it's not emphasizing your other bits.”

“I like precious stone, rosary-style necklaces. It's fun to have them longer and sitting on the belly. Those kinds of necklaces have an elongating effect. Try tricks like that.”

Show a little leg
“Do leggings and a shorter A-line dress, or a tight legging and then something loose-fitting up top to show that you have a little leg.”