DIY Halloween Costumes

1. DIY Halloween - Sarah Palin

VP Candidate/Hockey Mom

You betcha this is an easy look to create with stuff you have around the home. First, tease your hair at the crown to create volume underneath, then sweep it into an updo and secure with pins. Douse the ‘do with liberal (haha) hairspray. Wear glasses, red high-heel pumps and your most conservative business-y suit, like what you might wear on a job interview. Make sure you really slather on the lip-gloss. And finally, don’t forget to pick up a hockey puck to finish off the look. A hunting rifle works, too--keep it faux with a Plastic Tommy Gun from Bang bang (wink)!

2. DIY Halloween - Chola

Lean Like a Chola

This one's simple. All you need as far as clothes are one, ahem, wifebeater (cropped or not, it's up to you!), a pair of chinos and Chuck Taylors. For extra street cred, rock lots of gold jewelry (hoop earrings are a must), swathe your arms with faux tattoos, and tuck a bandana into your back pocket. Keep your hair crisp and lacquered and make sure that your eyebrows are as masterfully painted on as your lipliner, which should be at least two shades darker than your lips. Bonus: if you're an East Coast girl in real life, you can beat the chill of a Halloween night out by rocking a flannel shirt with the top button done only. Laugh and shoot intimidating looks at the sexy policewomen, sexy construction workers and sexy marines crossing your path. Fun times!

3. DIY Halloween - Reggaetonero

Pretty Boy Reggaetonero

Want to channel the spirit of reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel for Halloween? First of all, you’ll need a buddy to be your partner in rhyme. Bring out your Ed Hardy T-shirts and hoodies (go to for tons of options) and wear them with jeans or khakis. Top off the look with blazers--Bedazzled with rhinestones, of course--and lots and lots of jewelry. Watches, chains, rings and earrings...the more absurd the amount, the better. But the most important accessory of all is clearly the opaque aviator glasses and unsmiling attitude. For extra props, consider wrapping yourself in the Puerto Rican flag or wear little alien antennas on your heads in a reference to Los Extraterrestres, their latest album. Be sure to shout catchphrases at the top of your lungs all night long: El dúo de la historia! El sobreviviente, Doble U! Yandeeeeeeeel!

4. DIY Halloween - Emo

Emo Chica

Feel the pain of your Pete Wentz-loving hermanas by adopting their angsty princess look for Halloween. Create a pale complexion by using the lightest foundation you have. Smoke out the upper and lower rims of your eyes with black eyeshadow. Carefully define your brows, paint your nails black and line your lips with black eyeliner, but fill them with a dark red lipstick (just like the Givenchy runway look!). The trick is in the layering of accessories, easily found at Claire’s or Forever 21: Lots of silver necklaces, piles of rubber bangles. Cut holes into a pair of black socks for your fingerless gloves. Layer fishnet tights under thick socks and wear under clunky black or burgundy (never brown!) boots. Wear a tight top with a vintage-y skirt. Hum the latest tunes by Avril Lavigne or Belinda while bearing a look of sadness and inner desolation, and voila!

5. DIY Halloween - Mask

Self-Made Masked Woman  

While it’s fun to go all out for a costume, you can also wear an outrageous Halloween mask with your regular clothes, which is a great idea if you aren’t completely committed to dressing up at, say, work. will show you how to make your own Carnival mask for Halloween out of scraps of fabric. The instructions for this mask come from Nancy Minsky, the author of Denim Revolution (click here to read them). Because it’s made out of jeans, the mask looks great with… jeans!