DIY Fashion: Selena Gomez's Long & Short Dresses

In the past month, Selena Gomez has been seen sporting a dress that is long in the back and short up front (dare we say, mullet dress?) two times. First, she wore an Irina Shabayeva strapless dress with a rise and fall hem at the 2011 People's Choice Awards on January 5, then, performing at the El Coliseo in Puerto Rico this past weekend she rocked another short/long all black number. We are loving this fashion-forward look, which effortlessly combines glam and edgy.

We dare you to give this fun style a try, it's so easy you can do-it-yourself!

  1. Find a maxi dress in your closet or purchase a new one, like this classic black tank dress from Spiegel ($39,
  2. Lay the dress down on a large flat surface. You want the dress to be on its side with both of the side seams matching up in the center.
  3. With a piece of chalk (it washes or brushes off easily), mark off an arc that starts at side seam and moves toward the front of the dress (the line should stop at the center of the front of the dress, which should be the fold).
  4. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut along the line starting at the fold and ending at the two side seams.
  5. Unfold the dress to make sure the line looks straight and cut down the side seams to the end of the dress.
  6. Hem the edge or leave it as is for a more punk vibe.

Congrats, you are on trend like Selena, and you did it yourself!