This is Everything! Women of All Shapes & Sizes Recreated the VS Fashion Show

Women Recreate Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

These ladies slayed their version of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Buzzfeed decided to bring together real women of different shapes, sizes, height, ethnic background and gender identities to recreate the famous runway show. 

"I've definitely never walked a runway in my underwear ever because no one's given me the opportunity," Tess Holliday said in the video. 

The ladies were able to strut their stuff in their underwear and show off all of their goodies. We love how this shatters the unrealistic ideals of models, and helps women feel empowered in their own bodies. 

"I would look at a magazine and I would look at this photo shopped image and I would try and make my body look like that body," another BuzzFeed chosen model said. 

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Check out the awesome video below :