Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

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If you are shaped like a strawberry--that means you've got broad shoulders, narrow hips, and a soft waist--then consider an underwire halter tank. Halters are universally flattering on just about every figure, but this Solid Underwire Glamour Tank ($80, offers tons of support. We love it in Brilliant Blue, but it comes in just about every color!

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You have a teeny bust, but you're bootylicious down below. Don't fret! It just means that you have the ideal body for a bikini with a fuller cut bottom. Try boyshorts, or go for a pinup-girl inspired look by pairing this ultra high-waist bottom with a polka-dotted Very Sexy© balconet top from Victoria's Secret ($59,

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You have what is commonly referred to as a model body: long, lean and leggy with a small bust and narrow hips. That means the skimpier the better! OYE Swimwear has lots of cute styles with luxe details, like this fuchsia-hued Estella string bikini with starfish diamond hardware ($297, Perfect for channeling your inner water nymph.

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Like an hourglass, you have curves on top and on bottom, which creates a very balanced silhouette. If anybody has the figure to rock an eye-catching style, it's you! Once again, OYE Swimwear delivers with its sizzling hot Butterly Effect Monokini in black at ($363, Qué chula...

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If you're an apple, you have been blessed with ample bosoms and long, slender legs. But if you'd prefer to keep your waist and tummy under wraps, a little ruching can go a long way--especially when paired with a deeply seductive plunge that emphasizes your best features. Consider La Blanca by Rod Beattie's Plunge One Piece. It comes in a gorgeous, berry red shade and is just $117 at, a website with a super-useful guide for finding the right swimsuit for your body type.