How to Buy the Best Swimsuit to Flatter Your Shape

Swimsuit season is here! Are you ready to dive in? We talked to Audrey Jimenez, the Everything But Water style and fit expert, to get the scoop on how to nab the best suit for your shape. 

Play Up Your Assets

“An easy rule to balance proportions is to showcase your best assets in bold colors and big prints,” says Jimenez. "Downplay worry areas with dark, solid colors." Looking to enhance an area, like your bust or booty? Go for fun ruffles and other embellishments to add a bit of oomph.

Flatter the Girls

For a larger bust, you’ve got to go for support! Bra-style tops or one pieces with underwire and adjustable straps will give you the structure you need, while banded halter tops with thick ties also offer great supportwithout the expected underwire. Make sure you tighten those straps! If you’re super-top heavy, consider bra-sized tops, which offer sizes in the same size as a bra. (No more guessing on whether a size large will actually fit!)

To enhance a smaller bust, go for a pushup style top that will create the illusion of more curves. Look for embellishments such as ruffles and flowers or big prints.

Show Off Them Legs

Want to spotlight your legs? High-cut bottoms will create an elongated look. If you’re planning to strut around the pool, wear wedges and use a bronzer on your legs for a more sculpted look, says Jimenez.

Get Cheeky

The smaller the swimsuit bottom, the fuller and curvier the derriere appears,” says Jimenez.  Brazilian bikini bottoms show more skin and make your butt look rounder and fuller. Insider’s tip: “If you are tugging at the rear of the suit in the fitting room, you probably want more coverage,” says Jimenez. “Don’t go a size up. Instead look for a style that covers more.”

Tell us: What’s your favorite swimsuit style? Are you looking forward to hitting the beach this weekend?