Ahead of the Fashion Week Trend: Bold Tights at Custo Barcelona

The Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2011 collection featured the Spanish designer’s signature artistry, with pieces resembling collages made up of many different fabrics and interwoven materials. Given his usual eccentricity, this collection had cleaner lines and neutral colors with occasional pops of red and purple. The real showstoppers? His patterned and printed leggings, trousers, and tights, which are heavily trending.

Here are some ideas to rock your own, Custo-inspired bottoms:

1. Custo Barcelona: Dr Jays

(on sale for $36, drjays.com)

2. Custo Barcelona: Betsey Johnson

($25, macys.com)

3. Custo Barcelona: Urban Outfitters

4. Custo Barcelona: Asos

($45, asos.com)

5. Custo Barcelona: American Apparel

6. Custo Barcelona: Karma Loop

(on sale for $43, karmaloop.com)

7. Custo Barcelona: Hue

($20, hue.com)

8. Custo Barcelona: Henry Holland

(on sale for $14, mytights.com)

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