7 Slimming Tricks for Every Body Type

No matter what size you are or what kind of figure you have, these tips will help you shed pounds instantly!

1. When it comes to wearing prints and patterns, wear them on the smallest, slimmest part(s) of your body.
They call a lot of attention, and accentuate whatever body part they're covering. Also, be sure to pair prints with a neutral-colored piece, which works to slim more voluptuous curves.

2. Stay away from extra bulk.
Details like zippers, buttons, pleats, cargo pockets, ruffles and gathers all add volume.

3. Empire-waist styles—which can be found on dresses, as well as tops—are a super-stylish way to slim barriguitas.
The cut enhances busts, while the extra material hangs in front of bellies, camouflaging them without clinging to them.

4. If you're bigger on the bottom (pear-shaped), as many of us Latinas are, wearing tops with puffy, exaggerated sleeves, or oversized lapels will add weight and interest up on top. This will help balance out your figure—making it more like an hourglass shape—and bring attention upward toward your face.

5. This one actually works on curvy and petite chicas: Look for thin pinstripes on pants, or even on a two-piece suit. Not only are they slimming—as are all vertical patterns and stripes—but they will also elongate your figure.

6. Never, ever wear anything baggy. Clothes should be fitted, but not tight; anything oversized will only tent out around your figure, making you look heavier than you are.

7. Did you know that deep, dark colors like charcoal grey, chocolate brown, burgundy, navy and grape also work like black does, as a neutral?

We all know wearing head-to-toe black is just about the easiest slimming technique around, but these other colors also provide the illusion of slimness—without that whole "black widow" vibe.