5 Quick Fashion Fixes – For Anything!

Nothing is worse than being out or getting to the office, only to find your wardrobe is falling apart, you have a mark on your clothes or (worse) your shoes are killing your feet.

Not to worry. With these easy fixes you can say adios to fashion emergencies!

1. Fashion Fixes: Blisters


Nothing is worse than breaking in a new pair of shoes. Protect your feet from blisters by rubbing Bodyglide Footglide over your feet, which will prevent friction (and help your feet be happy). If you’re out and you get a blister, use the tried and true: an adhesive bandage. 

2. Fashion Fixes: Deodorant Marks

Deodorant Marks

White marks, be gone! Hollywood’s Deoderant Removing Sponge may look to be a silly buy, but this thing works WONDERS. Just wipe down the spots and it erases them in seconds. In a pinch, try using a pair of pantyhose or a dryer sheet.

3. Fashion Fixes: Hems


Have a falling hemline you just can’t seem to keep up? Use double-sided tape for an easy fix. If you need to, use a safety pin. And while some may encourage stapling your hem, we’d say only in EXTREME circumstances should you staple your clothing – it can damage it.

4. Fashion Fixes: Stocking Runs

Stocking Runs

After a stocking runs, there’s really only so much you can do to “fix it.” But stop the run in its tracks with clear nail polish or hairspray. 

5. Fashion Fixes: Stuck Zipper

Stuck (or Falling) Zippers

If you have a stuck zipper, use a small item (like a cotton swab) to swipe soap or candle wax while trying to move the zipper up and down. If your zipper just won’t stay up, spray the offending zipper with hairspray.