Zara Forced to Pull Shirt Reminiscent of Holocaust

Zara Pulls Offensive Holocaust Shirt

Spanish retailer, Zara, was forced to pull an offensive t-shirt from shelves after enraged shoppers deemed the shirt resembled those worn by persecuted Jews during the Holocaust. 

Zara claims that the inspiration for the toddler tee, dubbed the "sheriff" t-shirt, came from Classic Western films — not concentration camps. Critics claimed the "sheriff's badge" resembled the Star of David. 

"We honestly apologize," Zara said on Twitter in response to numerous outraged tweets. The retailer pulled the shirt online and from its stores, according to a press release from Zara's parent company. 

Unfortunately, the fashion brand has come under fire in the past for offensive apparel. According to Daily Mail, the chain withdrew a line of handbags in 2007 because the design featured Nazi swastikas.