New Chart Shows Women's Clothing Sizes Are A Complete Joke

New Chart Shows Women's Clothing Sizes Are All Over The Place

Have you ever tried on an amazing dress, but felt instantly disappointed when you looked at the size? Yeah, we’ve been there, too. No worries, ladies — those numbers don’t even make sense.

The Washington Post, using data from the American Society of Testing Materials, created a chart that shows how drastically women's sizing has changed over the past 50 years. Basically, the chart proves what we all already knew: women's clothing sizes make absolutely no sense. 

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 National Institute of Standards and Technology


According to the data, a size eight today would have been considered size 16 in 1958, based off bust and waist measurements. A little confusing, no?

A few problems with the study could explain the craziness, Slate reports. The original 1958 study only examined the measurements of white women; they disregarded the measurements from women of color. Plus, since the study offered a small stipend to volunteers, the results likely skewed towards the poor and malnourished.

It's not surprise, then, that clothing brands began to disregard these measurements altogether. Designers and clothing brands began to develop their own sizing methods, and "vanity sizing" as we know it came into being. In a society where being "thin" is the beauty ideal, clothing companies began to label clothes as smaller than they actually are. 

All brands size differently, so don’t be surprised if you’re a size four in one store but a size 10 in another. None of it makes sense anyways, so pay no mind to those little numbers. Just wear whatever makes you feel beautiful. 

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