Sofia Vergara On Her Sexy Style & Her New Kmart Line

Sofia Vergara has been talking up her style and new clothing line, which hits Kmart stores in September. During a photo shoot with USA Weekend, the 39-year-old Colombian actress said she loves dressing up. “I won’t leave the house without at least mascara or lipstick. I think that’s a Latin thing,” she said. “My mother would wake up in the morning to take us to school, and she was already putting on mascara.” 

EXCLUSIVE: Sofia Vergara on KMART Line: “I’m proud of every single item”

Vergara, who was nominated for an Emmy for her role in ABC’s hit show Modern Family, said her style was comfortable, sexy and cute. “I love a good pair of jeans that is tight but not uncomfortable,” she said. With age, 39-year-old Vergara says her style has changed. “In my 20s, I would have on a miniskirt and the boobs. Now, if I’m doing something short, I try to cover up [on top]. I’m almost 40, so I had to evolve — it’s natural.”

For the most part, Vergara’s wardrobe maintains a classic look. “I wish I was more like J.Lo,” Vergara said, in regards to experimenting with trends. “I know what works for me.”

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As for the Sofia Vergara Contemporary Lifestyle Collection for Kmart, Vergara admitted having fashion line was always a dream of hers.I thought it was a great idea to help women to look sexy and to look cute without having to spend too much money and having the husband get mad at them,” she said. The actress expressed her told, “I'm proud of every single item and I am sure women are going to love them."

"And of course the men will enjoy seeing them in the Sofía Vergara brand,” she added with a wink. We don't doubt it Sofia!

Watch the behind the scenes of Vergara’s photo shoot below: