The 10 Most Offensive Pieces Of Clothing To Ever Hit Shelves

Fashion can be hit or miss, but, most of the time, the "misses" don't do much to offend anyone — except through their sheer ridiculousness. Unfortunately, on more than one occassion, brands have caused huge controversies through insensitive, careless clothing items.

Below, see the 10 most offensive (and slightly NSFW) items of clothing to ever hit shelves: 

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Coachella often brings us some of the most offensive fashion on the planet, but this t-shirt takes the cake. Jemayel Khawaja, the managing editor of Thump, spotted this man at the music festival, and posted a picture to Twitter. "This guy wins the award for worst fashion/lifestyle choices at @coachella," he wrote. "I'm not easy to offend, but this is shitty." 

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Spanish fashion retailer Zara withdrew this bag from shelves after customers pointed out that the design resembled a Nazi swastika. Zara said they had not seen the similarity, and would not have approved the bag had they noticed the symbol. 


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Wowza: Zara fell into hot water again when they released a children's shirt that resembled Holocaust prison garb. The striped pajamas featured a yellow star, which drew similarities to the Star of David. Zara removed the item online just hours after it went on sale in August 2014. 

The retailer insisted, however, that they modeled the garment based on cowboy sheriffs of the Old West, not on the uniforms worn by Jews in World War II concentration camps. 


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Even the artist, Kalen Hollomon, owned up to this mistake. "I wanted to add to the collection, and I thought, Who doesn't want a blow job from Ryan Gosling? I got back the printed shirts and felt like, Why did I do this? I would never wear this piece of shit; it's embarrassing. I think I was just trying to play to what other people want," he told NY Mag"There will no more Ryan Gosling tees."

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Urban Outfitters briefly offered this blood-stained "vintage" Kent State sweatshirt for $129. The company later apologized for the garment — an obvious allusion to the Kent State Massacre that left four people dead. However, they insisted that the "blood stains" were actually just "discolorations from the original shade of the shirt." The company added that the product was part of their "sun-faded vintage collection." Right. 

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The Children's Place spurred outrage among parents when they released this horribly sexist t-shirt. The retailer offered a wide range of boys t-shirts that emphasized sufing, playing the drums and being a superhero, emphasizing tired stereotypes about what boys can do and what girls can't do. The Children's Place pulled the shirt from shelves, and apologized to all those offended

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Taco Cid, a South Carolina Mexican eatery, caused an uproar when they encouraged employees to wear these "How To Catch An Illegal Immigrant" t-shirt. The company issued an apology on its site — bashing "illegals" in the process. "Our t-shirts were created as a witty and comical statement regarding ILLEGAL immigrants. There are NO racial nor hate remarks towards any specific ethnic group. Taco Cid and its employees are not racists," the statement said. "As most tax paying Americans, we do believe ILLEGAL immigrants are taxing the system we support and live under, thereby causing us to work harder and pay more taxes in support of their illegal activities..."

Please. Hard shell tacos? The only thing you'll catch with that trap is a gringo. 

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Gap pulled a black-and-white "Manifest Destiny" shirt from shelves after facing backlash about the root of the phrase, which led to the genocide of millions of people, particularly Native Americans. The designer behind the shirt, Mark McNairy, initially took to Twitter in defense of the tee. "MANIFEST DESTINY. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST," he wrote, then later deleted.

He reconsidered, and later apologized via Twitter. "I AM SORRY FOR MY SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST COMMENT. IT HURT ME DEEPLY TO BE CALLED A RACIST AS THAT IS NOT ME. I REACTED WITHOUT THINKING," he wrote. Gap removed the shirt from stores. 

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Sadly, these shirt can still be purchased online. Anyone who buys one probably needs a little of those elusive "brains." 

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Urban Outfitters offended basically everyone when they released this V-neck t-shirt with the words "Eat Less" inscribed across it. After being slammed for promoting eating-disorders, UO pulled the shirt from stores.