Take A Stand For LGBT Rights In Brazil With This T-Shirt


In 1999, Brazil's Federal Council of Psychology banned psychologists from offering treatments that claimed to "cure" people's sexuality. The country took a step backward last months when Waldemar de Carvalho, a federal judge in Brazil, overturned this 18-year ban on the use of gay conversion therapy.

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The Brasilia judge backed evangelical Christian psychologist, Rozangela Justino, who viewed homosexuality like a disease that could be cured. As a result of the ruling, many people and have spoken out on the decision — including actor Tommy Dorfman

"When I heard the news of [Brazilian judge] Waldemar de Carvalho issuing a ruling to approve gay conversion therapy in Brazil, after it was banned for nearly 20 years, my heart broke," the 25-year-old said. "So many of my fans and supporters live in Brazil, and it pains me to see them not feel legitimized for who they are and who they are attracted to."

As a big advocate of the LGBTQ community, the 13 Reasons Why star decided to collaborate with NYC illustrator Paul Tulle, to create a shirt in response to the court approving gay conversion therapy. The shirt has the words "Cura Gay" (Gay Cure in Portugese) written on the front with the word "Cura" crossed out, that symbolizes how homosexuality cannot be cured.

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100% of the proceeds from every purchase goes directly to Grupo Gay Bahia, Brazil's oldest non-profit defending LGBTQ rights, which has been fighting for the Brazilian queer community since 1980. Get your own t-shirt here.