Fashion Ads Are More Diverse Than Runways for the First Time Ever

Brandon Maxwell

When we think “fashion model” one image typically comes to mind: very thin, white women. Although plus size women and women of color are making some strides, when it comes to diversity, the fashion industry isn’t exactly winning.

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But, as Out reports, the needle seems to be moving. This season, a little over 30% of the models featured in ad campaigns were women of color, and more trans women booked campaigns this year than they have since the stats first started being recorded in 2015. This is the first time ad campaigns were more diverse than runways.

While we’ve still got quite a way to go—of the seven top-booking models, only one was a woman of color, and just 10 plus size models were booked, four less than last season—we’re happy to report any progress.

H/T: Out



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