Meet Alonso Mateo, Instagram’s Most Stylish Kid!

Alonso Mateo may be only 5-years-old, but he’s got the style of a fully grown man (an impeccably dressed one, we might add). Opting for tailor-made suits, pocket squares, untucked and rolled sleeve shirts, camo and more, this niño has become a viral Instagram star – with five fan accounts to boot.

The Mexican-born Alonso now lives in California with his mom, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, who is a freelance stylist and dad, the CEO and owner of a private equity firm. Espinosa has contributed to Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America and is the one who posts the photos on her Instagram account (@luisafere).

So just what is Alonso loving right now?

“I love suits, sneakers, and sunglasses,” the boy told the Cut in a recent phone conversation. “I like to dress like my dad, because he has cool suits.”

Check out the tiny trendsetters best looks (and what he’s wearing!) below:

1. alonso slide 01

Acne sweatshirt, Diesel jeans, Jeremy Scott sneakers

2. alonso slide 02

CrewCuts shirt, Joe's jeans

3. alonso slide 03

Marc Jacobs beanie, CrewCuts jacket

4. alonso slide 04

Finger in the Nose denim jacket, Trico Field jeans

5. alonso slide 05

CrewCuts jacket, Little Marc Jacobs shirt, AllSaints boots

6. alonso slide 06

New Balance sneakers

7. alonso slide 07

Marc Jacobs beanie, H&M shirt and pants, AllSaints boots

8. alonso slide 08

AllSaints leather jacket

9. alonso slide 09

Vintage camo jacket

10. alonso slide 10

Aviator Nation sweatshirt and pants, AllSaints jacket, Converse sneakers