Instagram’s Newest Style Cutie: Dominicana Haileigh!

We’ll admit it: we squealed a bit when we came across this little Latina beauty’s Instagram. At just four years old, Haileigh has the style of a little lady. Her mom, Zulay, admits it isn’t just in front of the cameras: “Haileigh is very, very girly. She loves dressing up,” she told us.

The mom and daughter duo shops often, at “many different places,” but Haileigh (or “Hails” as her mom calls her) loves J.Crew Kids and Zara, while Gap, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren also make the little one’s fashion cut. But is she spoiled? Not at all. “She’s not one of these little spoiled rude kids. She’s far from it.  She’s a sweet little girl.”

Take a peek at some of her most fashionable looks below!

1. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 1

“Happy weekend igers off to my friends birthday party ... Xoxoxo”

2. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 2

“After an amazing day of play now is time for dinner & the movies”

3. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 3

“Hello my amazing igers Out & about taking over the world… happy weekend yall”

4. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 4

“Earlier… xoxoxo”

5. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 5

“Keeping it simple”

6. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 6

“earlier today dressed down & ready for sunday's adventure street fair bound super excieted to get my face painted and take a ride on the water taxi”

7. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 7

“Goodmorning igers ..we forgot to post The other day my outfit exterior.. Stay dry xoxox”

8. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 8

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” — Yves Saint-Laurent Hope you all have a fabulous day xoxox”

9. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 9

“Earlier heading off to do some shopping and then off to my date with JXM”

10. Instagram Cutie: Haileigh 10

“Earlier out & about “