Commentary: A Life Without Panties - Why I'm With Eva Longoria

I need a lot of things in my life. I need my cell phone, internet connection, several cups of coffee a day, love, friendship, laughter, money and a job. But one thing I definitely don’t need? Panties.

I came to this realization about two years ago after spending thousands of dollars on a lifetime of panties. I had pink ones, blue ones, black ones, naughty ones, mommy ones, long ones, and even once, a candy shaped as one.  (Hey, it was a Valentine’s Day gift!)

I kept wearing and washing them. I would wear them under my jeans, skirts, shorts and sometimes just alone.  It had never occurred to me at this point to even think about the importance of wearing underwear. I just did it, like my mother before me, and her mother before her. I think at some point as a child, some adult figure said, “Hey, wear this.” And I did.

My decision to finally say goodbye to my underwear was the easiest decision I ever made. My hatred of doing laundry and wasting money, made the decision an all too easy one for me.  I said “goodbye” and I am happier for it.