Commentary: A Life Without Panties - Why I'm With Eva Longoria

I will say that a life without panties is far better than any life with them. I spend less hours in the laundry room, (which, if you saw my basement laundry room with bad lighting and an old sign that reads, “Update: The cost of using the machine is now a dollar!” you would understand.) I also feel freer and lighter because it one less thing I have to worry about.

And even though Eva Longoria had an incident at Cannes where she accidentally revealed that she was going commando after lifting her skirt a bit too far, I remain undeterred in my commitment to a panty-less life.

I encourage you all as well to take off your panties, throw them away and never look back.  I promise you that you will not miss this useless undergarment.  You will feel liberated and powerful in a way that you have never felt before. You will roll out of bed, toss on a spring dress and fly free as you enjoy the wonderful breeze.

Tell us: Are you a fan of going commando? Would you ever say bye bye to panties for good? Share in the comments!