Get the Look: Your Fall Uniform

Even though you’re not necessarily headed back to school, every grown woman has her go-to fall uniform. And when Labor Day passes and temps cool, she pulls it out. After months of long-weekends, pool time and beach getaways, this outfit should symbolize getting back to business.

Not sure which pieces to put together to kick-start the season? We’re here to help!

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In Your 20s

At this age, it’s all about fierce accessories.

But first, pull together some staples as the foundation for your uniform: Skinny black jeans are a must, paired with a fitted black tank and topped with a tailored black blazer. These are your key pieces and since they’ll be worn time and again, invest in either quality or quantity (i.e. one really nice pair of skinnies or several identical cheap pairs).  If you plan to invest, the AG Stilt is a cult-classic. If you plan to dispose, try H&M and Forever21.

Next is jewelry. Follow Cassie’s lead and layer mixed metals via big hoops, long chains AND stacked bangles on each wrist. Then add some drama with a killer set of heels in a bold color or print, like gray croc booties or cherry red pumps.

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In Your 30s

Now’s the time to go for sharpness in your style. So pick one article of clothing that will pop, and keep the rest neutral, in a shade of black, brown, navy or gray.

Shakira shines by combining black stretch jeggings tucked into black mid-calf boots, paired with a fitted, cropped jacket over a gold sequin tank. 

With a top that catches and reflects that much light, jewelry should be kept minimal.

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In Your 40s

For 40-somethings, fall is the perfect time to get suited.

Whether it’s with a feminine skirtsuit like Salma Hayek’s or a more trendy menswear-inspired style, a suit can be worn together or apart in countless ways to make a season’s worth of outfits.

Pick a suit that flatters your figure. If, for example, you have an hourglass shape, go for a style that’s nipped or belted in the waist.  If you have a pear shape, look for a style with a strong shoulder to balance the hip. Shop not so much based on trends as based on body type. 

Then dial up the sophistication factor by ditching the tees and tanks and instead opting for an array of tailored blouses you can swap in and out.

Finally, forget the booties and the big buckles and complete the look in ladylike pumps with an ankle or t-strap.

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