Latina on the Runway: The Posh Rebel at Nanette Lepore Fall/Winter 2015

Latina on the Runway: The Posh Rebel at Nanette Lepore Fall/Winter 2015

Beauty at Nanette Lepore’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection channeled the "Posh Rebel" muse.

The look, created by Grace Lee for Maybelline was simple but bold: disorganized lashes and violet lips in Color Sensational Rebel Bloom in "Orchid Ecstasy."

To pair with the “posh rebel girls club” vibe, Michelle Saunders for Essie created a customized "rock at the top" nail look by layering the glitter shade in between "for the twill of it" and "shifting power." The burnished color perfectly matched the metallic gold shoes in the show.

For hair, models were styled with faux boy haircuts featuring an edgy texture, yet sleek and refined finish. Woody Michleb, Red Door Spa Creative Director and National Training Director for Hair Style, gave us a step by step breakdown below:

1. Begin by tying the hair in two high ponytails. The first ponytail should be a section that runs from behind the ear through the crown to behind the ear on the other side. This creates a section of hair to create that textured front fringe. Tie this ponytail high and tight at the highest point of the section in the crown area. The other section is the back of the head. Tie this ponytail high, just behind the apex in the crown area.

2. Using a brush, pull the hair back into the ponytails keeping it tight and clean. Use Kerastase Gloss Appeal when brushing the hair to keep it smooth and shiny. Secure the ponytail using an elastic.

3. Flat iron the ponytails to be completely smooth and frizz-free.

4. Using a threading hook (or your hands), pull each ponytail through itself, threading the hair underneath the elastic, making the hair sit forward towards the face. On the ponytail in the front section, pull the hair all the way through until it sits flat (looking like rough-cut bangs). For the ponytail in the back leave some of the hair out in a loop, do not pull flat. The size of the loop depends on the length of the models hair and how much hair is sitting in the front. Products used to style the front are Kerastase Baume Double Ju, VIP, Powder Bluff, Short Mania, and various hairsprays depending on the hair texture of the model.

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