Latina On the Runway: You'll Never Believe What Jackie Cruz Said About Her Quinceañera

Jackie Cruz at Betsey Johnson Spring/Summer 2016 Show
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment

We caught up with Flaca herself, Ms. Jackie Cruz, front row at the Betsey Johnson show during New York Fashion Week and got to immediately talking about Quinceañeras — as you do. Now, Jackie is arguably one of the most stunning chicas in show biz, so our jaws pretty much dropped to the floor when she told us she was pretty geeky when she was younger. So much so that her mami had to actually PAY A GUY to take her to her Quince. All we have to say is: 1. We bet he's super pumped he knew you when and 2. We want a quince flashback scene on Orange Is the New Black. See what else Jackie had to say about beauty trends and Latina role models, below:

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This is Betsey Johnson’s 50th year as a fashion designer — what do you hope to accomplish by the time you turn 50?

My bucket list item was to site front row at a Betsey Johnson. I’m not kidding you; my mom was obsessed with her! I had Betsey clothes as a kid. I grew up with her velvet suits. I am so ready to meet her; there is a first time for everything. I’m excited.

You love to take a lot of beauty risks and have fun with beauty trends. Is there anything you’ve done that you realized was a bad look?

For my first red carpet event, I had this weird Amy Winehouse hair. I was like "Oh, my head is too small for that hair." That’s just the one time. You have to dress like your age a little bit and for that I wore an outfit that was older than I looked.

Name two things in your makeup bag that you can’t live without:

Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC and Chantecaille eyeliner.

With Hispanic Heritage month coming up, what would you say makes you proud to be Latina?

I love that we are being seen and a lot of Latina women have voices now. We are being heard! I’m first generation Latina, I speak English just like you and I speak Spanish, so I love that we are getting respect.

Who are your Latina role models?

Rita Moreno is huge! I was about to be on the Hispanic Heritage award show, but I have to work on Orange Is The New Black. I really wanted to meet her. 

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