The 7 Breakout Latino Designers of 2012!

Well chicas, as we get ready to wrap up yet another year (farewell 2012), we began thinking about some of this year’s breakout Latin designers. C’mon, we definitely couldn’t finish the year without reminding you who made their grand entrance into the wonderful world of fashion, could we?

1. Breakout Designers 2012: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon

You might recall that earlier this year Adrienne introduced her clothing line on her show Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne. Alongside designer LaQuan Smith, Adrienne created a few pieces for her upcoming collection and even had BFF Julissa Bermudez model one of her pieces during an event, which was aired on the show. If that dress was proof of Adrienne’s eye for design, then we are definitely in store for some super edgy and modern styles.

2. Breakout Designers 2012: Rosario Vargas

Rosario Vargas

This 42-year-old Bolivian was the winner of Mision Moda, a reality TV show in Bolivia which is equivalent to our Project Runway. Rosario presented her Haute Couture collection earlier this year at Miami Beach’s International Fashion Week. Rosario has owned a small design company in Bolivia since 1993, but this is the first time that she’s had the chance to branch out and show off her design skills to the rest of the world.

3. Breakout Designers 2012: Adrian Alicea

Adrian Alicea

Getting his start in the fashion world as a model was clearly a huge advantage for this Puerto Rican NY-based designer. He got the chance to model for big names like Valentino, Armani, and John Paul Gaultier; all while learning the ins and outs of the industry. Adrian launched his own line Adrian Alicea Haute Couture, which displays signs of his Latino and Taino Indian roots.

4. Breakout Designers 2012: Raul Penaranda

Raul Penaranda

After designing for Liz Claiborne, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and even the amazing Oscar de la Renta, Raul decided it was time to go off on his own and debut a self-titled collection. Being Colombian and Venezuelan has allowed this emerging solo designer to have various muses for his pieces. This year Raul created his line using a hand-beaded technique, delicate sequins and lavish fabrics.

5. Breakout Designers 2012: Liliana Montoya

Liliana Montoya

Coming to us straight from Medellin, Colombia, this former 5’11 model has always loved sports and staying in shape, so it was no surprise she’d introduce us to her swimsuit collection during Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2012. Liliana says she “infuses every ensemble with a fresh femininity, a lot of bright colors and bold prints.”

6. Breakout Designers 2012: Paola Peres

Paola Peres

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico; this leather accessories designer debuted her latest collection - Complementos – in early 2012 while in Miami Beach. Paola learned how to create amazing leather pieces while studying in Italy and Argentina. Her collection includes leather clutches, purses, belts and other accessories. “Every piece captures all my soul, my feelings,” shared Paola.

7. Breakout Designers 2012: Maria Pujana

Maria Pujana

A former clinical neurologist, who grew up in Spain and Latin America, left her medical practice in Cleveland behind to become a jewelry designer. She draws inspiration for her designs through her world influences. Maria presented her collection in October at The Synergy Events’ 5th Annual Emerging Trends Fashion Week show. Her theme for her designs? “Nature and the environment,” she said. She debuted pieces of flower petals with jewels on top to emphasize her inspiration.