WATCH: Oscar de la Renta On How Women Have Changed Since He Started Designing Clothes

Today’s female fashion consumers are completely different from past generations and know one knows that better than Oscar de la Renta. The legendary Dominican fashion designer has been dressing women for decades and before presenting his spring 2012 election, he shared his insight with Styleite about the evolution he’s witnessed. “Today we are addressing a women who is in control of her destiny,” the 79-year-old said, “and a woman who has a very strong sense of her femininity… of who she is as a woman.”

 A Day with Oscar de la Renta

For De la Renta, the changes have ushered in challenges as well as excitement. “What’s important to the woman is a projection of her individuality, whom she is… what she can bring to the society in which she lives, and fulfill her life in any extraordinary way that she can,” he said.

Backstage Beauty at Fashion Week: Oscar de la Renta!

Watch De la Renta’s insightful interview below:

An interview with Oscar de la Renta, Spring 2012 from Oscar de la Renta on Vimeo.