Ebsession: The Up-And-Coming Latino Designers You Need To Know

From Hollywood to the catwalk, Latino designers are dominating the scene. We rounded up our fave emerging showstoppers. See them today, wear them tomorrow: 

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This story originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Latina magazine.

1. Latino Designers: Bryan Hearns


Creative Vision: "Born in East L.A. to a Mexican mother and African American father, I was always drawn to the Latino "gangster" street style," Bryan says. "I am also influenced by Spanish architecture from the 1920s. I would say my main design aesthetic is texture."

Signature Look: "Sexy and fierce" describes BH designs as well as the badass mujeres who wear his "bondage chic" ensembles — from Kylie Jenner in a leather and chain dress to Selena in a bustier and skirt he designed for her tour and tyra in a futuristic jumpsuit. #gangster

Celebrity Fans: Selena Gomez & Tyra Banks

2. Latino Designers: Glaudi

Johana Hernandez for GLAUDI:

Creative Vision: The daughter of immigrants who worked in sweatshops, Johana was inspired to start a line for Latina women that complimented our curves and gave back to the community. Part of the proceeds from GLAUDI, named after her mom, benefit school children in El Salvador.

Signature Look: Glam Latinas like Gina Rodriguez, Paulina Rubio and Roselyn Sanchez love GLAUDI's red carpet couture and head-turning gowns. GLAUDI's bridal has a cult following featuring modern cuts and styles and super flattering fits.

Celebrity Fans: Gina Rodriguez, Paulina Rubio & Roselyn Sanchez

3. Latino Designers: Carmen Steffens

Mario Spaniol and Monalisa Spaniol for CARMEN STEFFENS: 

Creative Vision: "Our Brazilian DNA can be seen in the colors, textures and materials we utilize for our shoes and bags," they said. "Our customers love our Brazilian designs, our small-batch production runs and the fact that we have the most comfortable heels in the world."

Signature Look: "This season we're all about the '70s and the 'Flower Power' trend. Our collection features fringe and earth tones mixed with sparkle — hippie chic at it's best!"

Celebrity Fans: Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey & Eva Longoria

4. Latino Designers: Del Mar

Berjheny Del Mar for DEL MAR:

Creative Vision: "I grew up with the ocean as my backyard, so it was only natural that I grew to love swimwear," Berjheny says. "I wanted to design a line that was thoughtful about the environment and focused on fair labor practices. Del Mar Swim is the only ethically sourced, handcrafted swim and beachwear that celebrates traditional artisans and cultures."

Signature Look: "My favorite piece is the Abba Crochet Bikini," she says. "It's even more gorgeous on a body, and it takes eight hours to make by hand. It's pretty much like wearing a piece of art!" 

Celebrity Fans: Iman & Emily Ratajkowski

5. Latino Designers: Sofia Arana


Creative Vision: "My brand is a blend of versatile basics and eye-catching statement pieces," says Sofia "It's my attempt to create the ideal wardrobe and put an end to the "I have nothing to wear" dilemma. YOu can mix and match almost everything. Most pieces can also be taken from day to night. The possibilities are endless."

Signature Look: "I truly believe in the golden rule 'Less is more,'" she says. "But I always add a fancy touch to a classic silhouette. My favorite is the Signature Sheer Lace Bodysuit. It's versatile — not too basic nor a statement piece — like an in-between item that can be worn with jeans or a matching maxi skirt to create a gown for a gala."

6. Latino Designers: Marshelly's

Shelly Ontiveros for MARSHELLY's:

Creative Vision: "My work is about emotion, symmetry and precision," she says. "My designs are inspired by music, art and my heritage. My mother's girlfriends wore elaborate outfits that were complete with the right accessories."

Signature Look: Sherlly aims to create classic, accessible piece that add polish to any occasion or season. "The Manic Cuff from my first collection is my go-to jewelry piece for everything from cocktail parties to grabbing a latte at the cafe," she says.

Celebrity Fans: Tyra Banks, Carly Rae Jepsen & Nicole Scherzinger

7. Latino Designers: Norisol Ferrari


Creative Vision: "The way a Latina owns her femininity with dignity and pride inspires me as a woman and as a designer," Norisol says.

Signature Look: Norisol has a cult following who believe in her mantra: "Pretty is not enough. We are not satisfied unless our pieces are truly functional as well as masterfully tailored and finished."

Celebrity Fans: Janet Jackson & Beyoncé. 

8. Latino Designers: Luca Pagni


Creative Vision: "In Latin culture, it is fundamental to express your true self," Luca says. "To give each one of my designs its own personality and adapt the style of my sunglasses into a unique shape."

Signature Look: Assymetric and quirky designs. "Traditionally, [these] designs are only for a certain type of client, but my goal is to make them approachable and for everyone to find the fun in wearing them."

Celebrity Fans: Ashanti & Carrie Underwood

9. Latino Designers: Layana Aguilar


Creative Vision: "Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul," says Layana. "I have learned to understand fashion by allowing everything around me to influence my own vision. I believe that is the 'Latin way,' letting my emotions and passion drive me and be translated into clothes."

Signature Look: "My creations are an ode to the many roles that women play in their day-to-day lives while owning their individuality and looking extraordinary," she says. The label exudes sensuality with a feminine attitude that is understated and empowering.

Celebrity Fans: Heidi Klum

10. Latino Designers: Karigam

Karina Gamez for KARIGAM:

CREATIVE VISION: "My designs derive inspiration from my country's gorgeous natural lanscapes. For instance, the Fashion Week 16 collection was inspired by the Angel Falls of Venezuela."

SIGNATURE LOOK: "Classic and effortless," she says. "Our signature appeal is both minimal and fresh, with a precise attention to detail. My favorite piece is a layered coat because I love mixed textures, layers and ultra-feminine silhouettes."

11. Latino Designers; Nine Muses

Jerry Matthews and Franceca Viamonte for NINE MUSES: 

CREATIVE VISION: "Sophisticated, fashion-forward and tasteful, while maintaining a balance of simplicity and edge. Our muse is confident and unapologetic about her outlook on fashion."

SIGNATURE LOOK: "Our mutual love for simplicity and clean lines bond our two perspectives into one. To us, each piece has a purpose that has an important role in helping portray the vision of the collection."

12. Latino Designers: Waldrip

Stephanie Waldrip for WALDRIP: 

CREATIVE VISION: “Elegant and powerful, two things I find synonymous with being Latina. My cultural influences [Colombian and Southern U.S. upbringing] converge to create a fresh point of view.”

SIGNATURE LOOK: Stephanie journeys to source her raw materials each season.
“I take true care in selecting and creating each textile, using that to reinterpret classic silhouettes,” she says. “But there will be an element or detail that makes it current, and that’s what makes it Waldrip.”

CELEB FANS: Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift

13. Latino Designers: Stella Nolasco


Creative Vision: "Being Latin has given me the cultural confidence to add a sexy and flirty side to my designs," Stella says. "While they are both delicate and ultra-feminine, they possess the flirtatious aura that Latin women emanate. Graceful, sexy and elegant."

Signature Look: Her latest line, pomerosa, is inspired by the Puerto Rican poet Jose De Diego, evoking the gentility of a bygone era with tulle, lace and rich embroidery. "It remains modern with plunging necklines and almost lingerie-like quality of the dresses," she says. "The overall feeling is romantic and whimsical."

Celebrity Fans: Eva Longoria

14. Latino Designers: Paola Hernandez


Creative Vision: "Every season I explore different philosophical concepts through my design," says the former philosophy major, who attended the prestigious Central St. Martins in London. Her latest collection is "Sacred Geometry" featuring a hexagon-patterned "honeycomb" sweater.

Signature Look: Fans of her flowy, groovy aesthetic can now browse her boutiques in Mexico City and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We are obsessed with her ponchos, with come in his and hers.

Celebrity Fans: Jared Leto & Karen O


15. Latino Designers: Alepel

Adriana Epelboim-Levy for ALEPEL:

Creative Vision: Adriana studied architecture, modeled and learned shoemaking from the ground up. In 2013, she began connecting these realms in their simplest and sexiest form: sculptural shoes. "Our mission is to intersect architecture an fashion into design that won't sacrifice the need for comfort and simplicity."

SIgnature Look: Fans love Alepel's geometric designs, such as square cut-out booties and almost 3-D-looking platform heels. The company's patented symbol is a line running from the top of the sole to the back of the heel.

Celebrity Fans: Victoria Justice and Camila Cabello