Turkeys by Proenza Schouler

By now surely you've been exposed to the recent footage of Sarah Palin giving an interview in front of a turkey being slaughtered. Don't let the boys behind Proenza Schouler know about it, because they love their turkeys. Designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez may be known for their amazing runway shows complete with glamazon jumpsuits and leather crop tops, but they also own an organic farm in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where they are growing their own bird for Thanksgiving. "If you're going to eat meat, you should know where it comes from," Hernandez told NY Mag's The Cut. "We have twenty turkeys. We're actually selling them. They're grass-fed, free-range, no cages." Although they do go up and take care of their beloved animals, they hire someone else to do the slaughtering. Hopefully not Sarah Palin!

—Serena Kim