Sneak Peek at Eva Mendes's New Calvin Klein Ads

Eva Mendes got a little too hot for TV with her last advertisement for famed fashion house Calvin Klein, and this time around she's still not holding back! In the first set of ads (seen below) Mendes struts her stuff with studly model Jamie Dornan and more than holds her own while rocking the brand's signature jeans.

In the second set of ads for the underwear, Mendes—in a bid to fulfill every man's wish—is wearing a little black lacy number complete with garter belts, lace, oiled up skin and wet hair. Although many people have compared the new spots to the underwear adverts featuring Posh and Becks, we'd take Eva Mendes's bombshell (natural) curves over 100 pounds of silicone any day. You gotta give it to the girl, she definitely knows how to bring the va-va-voom! 

Tell us: What do you think about Eva Mendes's new Calvin Klein ads?