Project Runway Latinos

1. Project Runway: Ricky Lizalde

Ricky Lizalde

Season: 4

Booted: 9th

Claim to fame: Being a lingerie-maker who could barely fit clothes properly onto a model, then suddenly winning a denim challenge with a very Amy Winehouse-like design. Also, crying…a lot.

Where is he now?—coming soon!

2. Project Runway: Nick Verreos

Nick Verreos

Season: 2

Booted: 10th

Claim to fame: Being awesome! No, seriously—there’s still talk that Verreos was eliminated early because producers wanted to keep mischief-maker Santino Rice on for drama. Before his untimely ouster, Nick designed a winning outfit for Barbie. Like we said: awesome.

Where is he now? This Greek-Venezuelan hottie is now a contributing fashion editor for Frontiers magazine. If only he were straight! Sigh.

3. Project Runway: Alexandra Vidal

Alexandra Vidal

Season: 1

Booted: 6th

Claim to fame: This petite Miami beauty squeezed by for a few weeks with her cute-but-copycat clothes, but a blink-twice-and-you’ll-think-it’s-Missoni swimsuit was her downfall.

Where is she now? Designing cute-but-copycat clothes for Milk boutique in West Hollywood.

4. Project Runway: Andrae Gonzalo

Andrae Gonzalo

Season: 2

Booted: 9th

Claim to fame: Inexplicably bursting into tears during one elimination while Santino looked on and laughed. For this, he won “Favorite Tears” at the Reality Remix Awards.

Where is he now? Blogging about his cocktail dress collection for Bloomingdales, and about how “Bravo has succeeded in minstrellizing the entire American gay experience.” Yikes.

5. Project Runway: Elisa Jimenez

Elisa Jimenez

Season: 4

Booted: 5th

Claim to fame: Using saliva as a substitute for Crayola markers, and creating one hellacious trainwreck of a mermaid dress.

Where is she now? The quirkiest of all quirky PR contestants, Elisa is working on an ongoing project called “'Hunger World': a world of marionettes ranging from 2 inches to 30 feet in height.” Fascinating!

6. Project Runway: Bonnie Dominguez

Bonnie Dominguez

Season: 3

Booted: 4th

Claim to fame: Designing outfits for Serena Williams—the ones that she wears on the tennis court, thankfully.

Where is she now? Concentrating more on painting than on fashion these days—check out her work, which focuses on the female body in all its fabulousness, at

7. Project Runway: Stacey Estrella

Stacey Estrella

Season: 3

Booted: 1st

Claim to Fame: Getting eliminated on Week 1 for creating a super-sheer white dress for which a last minute panty had to be created. It wasn’t pretty!

Where is she now? This Harvard Business School graduate started up her own brand, ESTRELLA couture, and designs “timeless silhouettes for her clients.” Smart chica.