Penelope Cruz Gets Outfitted in Chanel

Penelope Cruz has all the luck. Not only does the Oscar-winning actress get to claim Javier Bardem as her man, but she was also dressed exclusively by Chanel in the upcoming Pedro Almodovar-directed Broken Embraces (see clips from the movie here). Cruz plays Lena in the film Almodovar describes as "a romantic movie, with intertwined stories of love. But underlying them all is my love for cinema." Cruz’s character was clothed in a combination of pieces from both past and current Chanel collections—a sheath dress from the spring/summer 1992 haute couture collection, a navy blue knitted suit from the cruise collection 2007-08 among them, as well as quilted 2.55 bags and statement CC earrings.

"Chanel is one of the best inventions of the 20th Century," Almodovar told Beverly Hills Weekly back in 1991. Broken Embraces is set to screen at Cannes tomorrow.