Oscar De La Renta Dishes on His Inaugural Dress for Hillary Clinton

No one knows which designer(s) is dressing Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia Obama for this weekend's inaugural festivities, but we do know who will be responsible for Hillary Clinton's look: Oscar De La Renta. In an interview with Barbara Walters, the legendary Dominican designer says that his longtime client, who is now the Secretary of State-designate, will wear "a very, very beautiful dress" of his making. De La Renta describes the look as "pink and grey with this beautiful embroidery," and says he's also created a royal blue-hued look that Clinton will wear for a daytime inaugural event.

While De La Renta no doubt enjoys dressing the onetime presidential candidate, he says the two sometimes disagree on how much skinbaring is too much. "You know, Hillary, in a sense, is sort of very prudish about the type
of clothes she likes to wear and you know from the waist up she really
looks great. She feels very uncomfortable about wearing revealing
kind[s] of clothes, and so we are always fighting about the neckline." The designer cites an instance in which he'd designed a dress for Hillary to wear to a Metropolitan Museum party, and she arrived with a shawl draped over it. "I kept pulling the shawl down, and [she] kept pulling it up because she felt uncomfortable about showing her shoulders."

Makes sense to us. Hillary is no Naomi Campbell—she's got an image to uphold!

Will you be looking out for Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama's outfits at the inauguration?