Mondo Loses "Project Runway," “Team Mondo” Storms Twitter

"Mondo Guerra was just robbed!" tweeted 7UC4 just moments after Guerra—the undisputed frontrunner going into tonight’s season 8 finale of Project Runway—lost the reality competition to fellow contestant Gretchen Jones.

Twitter was flooded with angry comments like 7UC4’s tonight from outraged members of “Team Mondo," who wanted Mondo FTW! (For the Win). Some fans said they were so upset about Mondo's loss that they will never watch the show again. 

Perhaps Mondo's loss came as a big shock to so many people because he spent the entire season ahead of the rest of the pack of designers. A lock FTW. A fan favorite, he was often called a superstar and recently won three consecutive challenges. Mondo's popularity soared even higher when he revealed on the show that he is HIV Positive. 

Just yesterday, Mondo told us what it would mean to him to win Project Runway. "It would be amazing. It has been a dream of mine for such a long time. It would be another thing that I’ve accomplished, another thing that I really wanted to go out for and worked hard for," he said.