Madonna and Lourdes Collaborating on Material Girl Clothing Line

Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Leon (affectionately referred to as Lola by her mom), is undeniably following in her mom's trend-setting footsteps. Since her first appearance on the red carpet, Lola has been a tween style icon, so we can't say we were that surprised to hear that she is launching a new fashion line, aptly titled Material Girl.

What did shock us? Hearing Madonna say that Lola has free reign over her closet and that she "takes over" sometimes when they are getting ready to go out on the town! Madonna told Access Hollywood that Lourdes freely admits that she finds inspiration in her mom's style from the '80s, saying, “She’s seen lots of pictures of me at that time and she’s like, ‘Oh my God, Mom! You used to dress so cool!’” With an emphasis on the "used to" part. 

The new line of clothing will be available come September in Macy's stores, and although Mama Madonna says she has input when Lourdes is "going out or going to school or whatever," daughter Lola has taken the reigns in the process of developing the Material Girl clothes. "When it comes to designing the line it’s pretty much her point of view,” Madonna explained. And just like that, another trendsetter is born.