Lourdes Leon: "My Mom Raids My Closet!"

Lourdes Leon spoke to Access Hollywood about her new Spring line for Material Girl, their new face, Kelly Osbourne, and sharing clothes with her mom. Though Madonna admits that "It's hard to say no to Lola," she does draw the line when it comes to allowing her 14-year-old to wear her clothes. Lourdes cries foul though, claiming, "My mom takes my shoes and accesories!"

Kelly Osbourne couldn't be more excited to be joining the mother/daughter fashion team and admits that she was actually star struck the first time the mini-mogul teen approached her at a Jay-Z concert in Hyde Park. “There [are] not many girls in the industry or whose family [is] in the industry that aren’t affected,” Kelly gushed. “It’s really refreshing to meet someone like Lola who is just so genuine and so herself and stays true to it in every sense and, you know, people don’t realize how rare that is.”

Check out the interview with Lola below: