La La Anthony's Confession: Obsessed with Shoes!

We caught up with La La Anthony recently to get the inside scoop on the bootie she designed for Shoedazzle. The Puerto Rican beauty — who started a popular Twitter contest dubbed "Shoe-icide Wednesdays" and encourages all of her fans to tweet her their hottest heels — couldn’t be more proud of the design, and tells us just how far back her love affair with shoes goes.

We know you created a FAB shoe for ShoeDazzle. How did that come about?

Well, you know Kim is a big owner of that company, so I definitely wanted to team up and do something with her. What I love about ShoeDazzle is that all the proceeds go to a charity of your choice. I chose Community’s Child, which is an organization here in California that provides shelter for women and infants. What’s also cool is that I’m able to design a shoe from scratch.  There’s something really cool about that and so far people seem to be really into my shoe.

What was your inspiration for the bootie?

You know I love shoes and I just wanted to create a shoe that I would wear. I’m always a fan of showing people you don’t have to spend tons of money to look good. The shoe is $39.95, but you couldn’t tell anybody that they didn’t pay $400 or $500 hundred dollars for it. It’s all about confidence in wearing it and I wanted to create something that really spoke to that.

We know you’re a shoe fanatic.  Why would you say it’s shoes out of all things fashion?

I don’t know why that’s my thing, it’s just something about them that I’m addicted to. Personally, shoes reflect so many different times in my life like I remember the shoes I wore when I went on this date with Melo. In so many memories, it’s my shoe details that I always remember. And shoes are just fun, there’s always a new style and if you have an average outfit, so to speak, and a fab shoe, it just sort of sets it off.

Have you always been obsessed with shoes?

When I come to think of it I have always liked shoes except when I was younger I was a tomboy, so sneakers were my thing. I had every single pair of Jordans that ever came out. I got older and more interested in becoming a girl, I got into heels, boots and more womanly shoes.

Now that you’ve got a taste of designing, would you ever consider doing your own entire collection?

I never say never. I had so much fun doing that and that fact that people liked my design is encouraging, so you never know.

On your Twitter you do Shoe-icide Wednesdays, which is based on fab shoes.  Tell us about it.

Yes! You’ve got to enter. We pick 3 winners that had great shoes at the end of the day and I send them a gift certificate to a shoe store to get a certain amount of money off of a new pair of shoes. The whole point of shoe-icide, once again, is to show people you don’t have to spend tons of money to get great shoes. I like to show shoes, their prices, where you can get it from and just kind of show people what’s out there.