We Want Every Single One of Julia Pereira's Swimsuits From International Swim Week

Latina spent the last few days on the beautiful island of Curacao, soaking up the sun and taking in 9 incredible swimwear shows. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort hosted its first-ever International Swim Fashion Week and the impressive roster of models, designers, influencers and local celebs made this one VIP Fashion Show. Think of this as the next big Miami Swim Week — in the Caribbean. 

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One of our favorite Brazilian models-turned-designers, Julia Pereira, collaborated with swimwear line Lybethras to showcase Julia Pereira by Lybethras. Not only did Julia herself open and close the show, but her sexy suits, flirty body chains, and girly-boho lace-up espadrilles were giving us life. Here, she reveals to Latina how the island of Curacao actually inspired this collab:

What made you want to show at International Swim Fashion Week?

I was shooting in Curacao where they have these Baroque-style buildings with all these vibrant and pastel colors, like candy colors and I wanted those to be the colors of my collection. 

What was your favorite look you designed?
I really loved the crochet cover up with fringe, on top of this white bikini. Also, the one-piece with the cut out and the chain.


We love that you did the chain! Do you think that body jewelry is a trend that's here to stay?
Yes, I think so because it doesn’t get warm in the sun. You can go from the water to the sun and it doesn’t get damaged. I mix the gold chains with pastel colors and vibrant colors for a look that's classic sexy and cute. 

What are some of your favorite Brazilian dishes?
I like the basics – rice and beans, chicken and salad. And barbeque, like churazco. I am from south Brazil and we have very good meat there. I don’t eat a lot of that, I eat more fish, but when I go there it’s like I always have to eat my father’s barbeque.

Who are some of your favorite Latina style icons?
Jennifer Lopez, of course. I did her perfume campaign years ago, for Glow After Dark. I really love her and her lifestyle.  

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What's your workout routine like?
For Mercedes Benz, I work out a lot, because I shoot a lot of swimwear. Basically I have to be ready to go at all times because my agency can call me and I’ll have a trip to this place all of a sudden. But I don’t like to be too skinny; I really do eat, but my genetics are skinny. I really enjoy going to the gym, going to classes, running with my friends, etc.

Do you have a specific workout you like the most?
I mix aerobic cardio with weights. And women can lift weights and still look sexy and feminine and lean.  I had no idea that it was possible, you know, I had in mind that women cannot lift weights, or that I would be too big and muscular or masculine, but it is not true. They're really good and have changed my body a lot.  

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Watch Julia answer our quick questions and see her favorite selfie face in this video below!

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