Jamie-Lynn Sigler Launches Jewelry Line

When she’s not cuddling with her new boyfriend, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is busy rolling out a new business venture. She and partner Holly Freeman debuted their line of jewelry, CJ Free, at a party held at Switch Boutique in Beverly Hills last week. “This is really still the beginning for us,” Sigler told People at the event, “but we want it out there for the holidays.”

Sigler and Freeman began work on the rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold collection back in June, and prices range from $60 for a beaded bracelet all the way to $3,500 for a diamond-studded rose gold pendant. Sigler is passionate about her foray into jewelry and insists this is not some pet project. “This is not a celebrity line,” she tells People. “If anything, my name comes last. I definitely have my creative input, but this is our project together. This is real.”