Hot Designer: Katy Rodriguez

Katy Rodriguez's bi-coastal boutique, Resurrection (, is the high temple of vintage haute couture. The famed boutique also carries Rodriguez's own adorable, ingenue collection. We catch up with the uber-cool fashion designer to talk about the joys of La-La Land, skater/surfer boyfriends, and hairless Mexican chihuahuas.

Who is your fashion inspiration?

When I started designing Spring 2008, I was very inspired by the French actress, Béatrice Dalle. I adored her as a teenager. She represented something very feminine yet rebellious, and very French. The collection was not a literal costume of what Dalle would wear, but more of her attitude, like the polka dots. But instead of doing the obvious like navy and cream, we were going for more unexpected colors. People really come to us for color and they respond to it very well.

Who carries your eponymous line?

We picked up a lot of international accounts with the spring collection. The samples are never here, they’ve traveled all over the world. And we cannot keep up with the editorial pulls. Some of the international accounts that we’re excited about: Este Nation in Tokyo, which is a famous high-end boutique. Hugo Nicholson in Canada. We’re going to be in stores in Dubai, Istanbul, as well as Garderobes in Moscow and Maizen in Malaysia and Browns in London.

When and why did you transition from Resurrection vintage boutique co-owner to fashion designer in your own right?

I started making clothes with friends in 2000. We were doing more art based clothing that wasn’t too serious in terms of the fashion industry. I started my own line in the summer of 2005 and showed my first collection for spring 2007 at the Gen Art show in Los Angeles. I have always been interested in making clothes and art. Resurrection has been a very creative outlet for me so I think it was just a natural progression.

Are you still with pioneering pro skater Tony Alva? Do you live together? What neighborhood do you live in?

Tony and I have been together for almost six years. We live a serene spot in the hills of Los Angeles where we are able to escape the city. I like the natural landscape and climate here. We have two Mexican hairless chihuahuas and one toy chihuahua. We use the parks by our house all the time and Tony goes to the beach and surfs everyday. Nature is a fundamental part of our life and we get what we need in Los Angeles.

What are the advantages to being an L.A. based designer, as opposed to New York or Europe?

It would be much more difficult to do what I do in New York, London or Paris because of the way those cities are setup. Here, I live in a house and have a car and my own studio. I coudn’t afford those things in some of the cities mentioned. I lived in New York for many years and through experience I know it just isn’t possible.

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Serena Kim