Meet the Mexican-American Creator Helping Others Wear their Latino Pride on their Sleeves

At Latina, we strive to inspire our readers with real-life stories that celebrate Latino achievements. That's why we decided to create a weekly segment called #LatinaMakers, where we will highlight Latinx entrepreneurs that are empowering our community through their creativity. 

In the last couple years, denim jackets have become staple in our wardrobe. Whether we're taking a trip to our local thrift shop for a vintage find or simply purchasing one online, the denim trend is here to stay. But one Latina is taking these must-have pieces to the next level and paying homage to our cultura

Meet Patty Delgado. The 26-year-old is the mastermind behind Instagram's popular Latinx line, Hija de Tu Madre. From sequin jackets of La Virgen de Guadalupe to our beloved Frida Kahlo, the Mexican-American is helping customers wear their Latino pride on their sleeve. 

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Delgado started her Latinx clothing line with only $500 dollars and 30 denim jacket, as a way to help others stay in touch with their culture. “I was originally living in Mexico City back in 2016 and I had a blog. I had a travel blog and it was called, Hija de Tu Madre. When I came back home to L.A. I had this idea of this jacket because I had made my own and I just felt this instant connection to the jacket for what it represented. The Virgen De Guadalupe is such a big image in Mexican culture and Latino culture in general. I just knew likeminded Latinos would get a real kick out of this jacket," she said.  


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A little over a year ago, her small Los-Angeles-based line turned into an overnight success thanks to the power of Instagram. “It’s crazy to see how people have been able to connect especially on social media. There’s such a big conversation about my project on Instagram and it’s been such a great way to grow my business," the Latina explains.

Like many up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Delgado— who currently boasts over 50 thousand followers on Instagram— has used the platform to promote her eye-catching creations. Lucky for you, the Mexican belleza has a bunch of inspirational photos on how to rock these photo-friendly denim jackets. 


And while Hija de Tu Madre was the original name of her blog, she decided to keep the name for her clothing line because of the nostalgic feel to it. “Hija de Tu Madre is such a common Mexican phase. It was a common phrase that was said to me growing up. I like how it was nostalgic and it reminded me of my relationship with my family," Delgado told Latina. "I think there is this sense like, 'Yeah, I am my mother's daughter. I’m just as rebellious and just as outrageous as her.' It’s just like the same message I like to promote in my clothing line."

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Given today's political climate, Delgado feels it is important to support Latinx entrepreneurs who embrace the culture. "There is this obligation for us to stick together. The best way to do that is by supporting each other's dreams and career ventures. Put your money where it will benefit a family, not a corporation. I feel like in our community we should have that moral obligation to support one another."

Check out all of Patty's Instrgrammable pieces here