First Look: Lourdes Launches Her Material Girl Clothing Line

Style icon Madonna and her uberchic daughter, Lourdes, finally lauched their Material Girl clothing and accessories collection at Macy’s on Aug. 3 with an event full of excited tweens and photographers. The guest star was Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen, the muse and face of Madonna and Lola’s edgy line, who performed with her band, Pretty Wreckless. As we browsed through the merchandise we realized the looks were not only for juniors, but can work for young adults if done right.  Here are a few of our favorite looks that can work for you...

1. Lourdes Line: Jacket

This military style olive jacket is definitely the look right now. Wear it with a fitted dress and some killer heels to give it a feminine touch. ($38,

2. Lourdes Line: Tie Dye dress

This cute dress can transcend through the seasons. Wear it as a alone with sandals in the summer, then pair it with leggings, over-the-knee boots and a layered cardigan as the weather cools. ($24,

3. Lourdes Line: Earrings

Fittingly a little bit rock and roll, these fun cut-out earrings have just enough bling to spruce up a jeans and t-shirt outfit. ($14,

4. Lourdes Line: Skirt

Although this skirt might seem a bit more "junior" and "busy" you can make it work by wearing a simple black or white tank and allowing the skirt to be the focus of your outfit. ($18,

5. Lourdes Line: Purse

This cute purse (also available in black) can be a substitute for your clutch on the nights your sense of style is more edgy than understated. Wear with anything! ($26,

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